Join us for our last show of the year!
Our next event is 1 November at Little Andromeda.

1 November Speakers

“Twists in Survivor: Losing faith in your own format”
by Henry Hickman

Survivor has been airing for over 20 years, with us currently enjoying its 45th season. Yet, 2000’s Survivor: Borneo is almost a different game compared to Survivor: 45 (yes that’s the real season name, don’t worry reader, we will cover that too!). Let’s explore the twists that some would argue have kept the show fresh, and some would argue have taken every aspect of Survivor, and twisted it into a form barely recognisable compared to what it originally intended to be.

Computer science PhD student/stand-up comedian Henry Hickman has just spent the last two months of his life preparing for his very first presentations at international research conferences and now wants nothing more than to talk about a show he has dedicated far too many hours of his life to. An innocent curiosity for a show called “Survivor: South Pacific” in 2011 at the ripe old age of 12, caused him to fall down a rabbit hole that his friends and family wish he could come back from. Since then, he has seen every US, Australian, New Zealand, and South African season of Survivor multiple times, played online Survivor games, and been described at parties as “that weird kid who knows a lot about Survivor”, but Henry’s social life loss is your night’s gain!


“Sex in Plants”
by Paul Broady

They’ve been doing it for more than 400 million years. It’s not simple but nearly all our food depends on it.

As an ancient, retired university teacher Paul knows how to bore the backsides off an audience. Plant life-cycles were particularly excruciating. Hopefully, you will not squirm too much.


“There’s No Such Thing as a T-Shirt Machine”
by Sophie Woodhams

A brief history of where your clothing comes from and who made it. From prehistoric dresses to clothes today and how you can make better choices about what you wear. 

Sophie Woodhams can be found working in an office as a structural engineer, doing her best to push back against the sea of blue gingham shirts by wearing clothes she has designed and made herself. Sophie is also an avid reader, novice gardener, and occasional knitter.