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6 March Speakers

“Stayin’ alive with chest pain – why Christchurch is the best place to be”
by John Pickering

In the noughties when you had sudden onset chest pain you went to the emergency department and got to spend a night in hospital – but chances were that you weren’t having a heart attack. Now, thanks to work in Christchurch, if you’re not having a heart attack you will be out of the ED within a couple of hours – no angst, no problem, no cross infection. This is the remarkable story of how science and innovations in Christchurch ED have changed the lives of millions.

John’s wife calls him a doctor, but not the kind that helps people. He counters that he is the kind that tells the kind that helps people what to do. Specifically, he reads the numbers to help design and monitor diagnostic pathways for emergency medicine physicians. Once called a physicist, now more often a biostatistician, but he prefers Skrymaster (looking into silvered objects – aka his computer screen – to predict the future). He has a Research Professor title from the University of Otago, but most of his time is with the Christchurch ED and funding from the Emergency Care Foundation charity.


“Is the North Island Really a Giant Fish?”
by Bernard Darnton

We’ve been telling each other stories for thousands of years, far longer than we’ve been writing things down. How many of these stories were once BREAKING NEWS!!!? Geomythology attempts to tease eye-witness accounts of geological events from their protective cloak of myth. With examples from New Zealand and elsewhere, we’ll look at what kind of stories get mythologised and how well we can match up myth with history.

Bernard Darnton is New Zealand’s leading amateur geomythologist, which goes to show that if you define a niche narrow enough, you can always be number one. As a child in London, his grandmother would take him to the Geological Museum. His interest was physical and scientific. Hers was more esoteric. In New Zealand, the floor really is lava. Both the geology and the mythology are fascinating, and sometimes they overlap.


“Ten Minutes to Millionaire: Unveiling the Hidden Fortune You Never Knew You Had!”
by Dan Lewis

In this talk, we’ll explore a paradigm shift in how we perceive value, think about money and the way we behave. By leveraging evidence-based research, we’ll propose a formula that could help quantify the worth of enhanced wellbeing and productivity, demonstrating how small, incremental changes can compound into significant wealth. Not only will you see yourself differently, you may even become filthy rich too!

As a licensed Financial Planner with a couple of degrees and a knack for understanding human behaviour, Dan is on a mission to decode the mysteries of our money psychology. Dan may not be the “top dog” in financial advising or psychology, but his journey has taken him around the globe, working with people from all walks of life. Every day brings a new adventure in exploring the fascinating world of money, values, and how we can live our best lives.