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“Back in the Binary”
by Kit Hindin

Ever wondered what all the new gender labels mean; how you can be an ally; or why any of it matters? Join Kit on a short journey through their gender-curious childhood and adolescence and the awkward and funny situations they’ve waded through to get to gender-euphoria.

Kit is a facilitator and consultant working with strategy, diversity and culture. They facilitate workshops on diversity and allyship among other things.
Links: | Article on nonbinary identities:


“Myths & Phallus-ies — the shaky herstory of the vibrator”
by Caleb Dunne

Today, they are synonymous with masturbation and female sexuality. But before emerging as empowering toys, vibrators were conceived with different motivations in mind. Learn about their origins and development in this titillating tour through time.

Caleb has a degree in engineering and works for the government. He also had a mullet growing up, is a middle child, and competed in a mermaid/man competition. He is reluctantly the Deputy Nerd Boss of Nerd Nite Christchurch.


“Pretty Lights And Where To Find Them”
by Matthew Bridle

The aurora is a magical phenomenon that has been enthralling civilisations since the beginning of time. This talk will uncover some of the many mysteries of the aurora and will give you some pointers on how to see one for yourself.

By day Matthew is a software engineer, and by night he’s a keen aurora chaser.  He’s been fascinated by space weather and its many effects on Earth since he was a teenager and loves driving to remote locations to watch the night sky, and hopefully get some pictures of the Southern Lights!


Doors: 6:00pm
Presentations: 6:30pm


Vaccine passes will be required to enter the venue.


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