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Think TED talks with beer. Discovery Channel meets Drunk History.

Let’s get nerdy about pregnancy tests, cults, and law. Bar opens 6pm, talks at 6:30pm.
Feel free to hang after! Be there AND be square! 

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“Rabbit Hole Resistance – How to Survive the Infodemic”
by Anke Richter

Worried about anti-vax propaganda? Angry at the Wellington protesters? Wondering what on earth – given it’s not flat – has happened to millions of minds during the pandemic? You might need the Rabbit Hole Resistance. Find out from a FACTivist what cults and conspiracy theorists have in common, and how to push back against misinformation with compassion.

Anke Richter is an international journalist and writer with a special interest in weird stuff and alternative festivals. Her next book, “Cult Trip”, comes out later this year. She co-founded FACT (Fight Against Conspiracy Theories) Aotearoa and Rabbit Hole Resistance on FB. Check out!


“The Positively Negative Origins of the Modern Pregnancy Test”
by Anna Hobbs

The modern “pee-on-a-stick” is what comes to mind when you think of a pregnancy test, but until surprisingly recently, the methods of detecting a bun in the oven were inaccurate, inaccessible, expensive, and involved…frogs? Expect to learn about the many methods used throughout history to discover if there is a wee one on the way.

Anna is a water engineer by day and loves biking, knitting, and spiralling down Wikipedia wormholes in her spare time (hence this choice of topic). While admittedly unqualified, she is looking forward to sharing how this invention has transformed women’s rights and healthcare in modern history.  


“Are there rules saying a dog can’t be a lawyer?”
by Johnny Sewell

25 years ago the groundbreaking film Air Bud was released. While the film is ostensibly about a dog that is kind of good at basketball, it raises important questions about the importance of rules in our society, and touches on philosophical issues about how we define people both legally, and in broader society.

Johnny Sewell is a Practice Manager at local law firm Godfreys Law, and has a special interest in 90s films, American sports, dogs, and wasting work time on Wikipedia deep dives and researching pointless legal arguments.


Doors: 6:00pm
Presentations: 6:30pm


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