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Think TED talks with beer. Discovery Channel meets Drunk History.

10 August, 6:30 pm
Little Andromeda

Be there AND be square! 

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“Climate hypocrisy and the need for a systems vaccine”
by Danny Rood

Regardless of how hard we try to tackle climate change, we’re probably going to be labelled hypocrites in one way or another. Looking at behaviour change and the systems currently in place, is it possible to have a society where us moral do-gooders can do what’s needed to keep the ocean from swallowing up properties and the sun from giving us a year-round tan?

Danny is an environmental practitioner doing emissions reduction things for Toitū Envirocare. After stints in the energy industry, the oil and gas sector, central government, and as a freelance photographer, he’s back where he needs to be. And he’s not getting as depressed about the planet as he used to.


“Construction in the world’s most hostile environment – Antarctica”
by Matt Jordan

Matt will discuss what it takes to rebuild New Zealand’s Antarctic Research Station – Scott Base. He’ll present an overview of the challenges associated with building in the coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent on the planet. There will also be pictures of penguins.

Matt Jordan is a Project Manager at New Zealand’s national Antarctic Program – Antarctica New Zealand. He is a Board Director for the US Antarctican Society and is the Co-Chair for the Canterbury Branch of New Zealand’s Antarctic Society. Matt’s experience spans seven continents, with a resume that includes kayak guiding and instructing in the Norwegian Fjords, teaching English in Brazil, and building power stations in Australia and New Zealand. Matt has been to Antarctica six times, with a seventh deployment planned for October 2022.


“The physics and unfortunate events behind champagne”
by Olaf Schelezki

Who invented Champagne? How should you drink Champagne on Mars? Is Champagne the Caterpillar and Butterfly for a desperately sophisticated monk or an Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole for scientists and polite snobs?

Olaf is a German-born Pole with an early discovered affinity for wine and an eager protector of its philanthropic, cultural, and mystical importance. He is a studied and worked Viticulturist and Oenologist, academic, and highly decorated sparkling wine producer (i.e. his parents drank all of it).


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