Nerd Nite Christchurch is turning 1!

Join us on 9 November, 2022 at Little Andromeda for nerdy talks on AI Fonts on Mars.

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Come at 6pm for a drink. Presentations begin at 6:30pm.


“Trump, Sex and Comic Sans: Why the fonts you choose really matter”
by Chris Flack

What do Trump and Comic Sans have in common? Could bad kerning lead to sex? (what even is kerning?) and the most important question — What is the best font to fire someone with? Chris will take us on a journey to show why the fonts we choose really matter. He’ll highlight a few key fonts that could, should, and maybe not be used to fire someone. And how a better font could have saved Donald Trump.

Chris is a self-confessed font geek and trained graphic designer. He spends his day trying to avoid using Microsoft word and hiding when a client asks ‘Can you try it in comic sans?” At night he can be found reading books that use ‘awesome fonts’ to his two young kids.


“Your Car Will Spy on You and You’ll Love it”
by Adam Lyness

Despite all the hype, our lives haven’t fundamentally changed because of AI… yet. AI can draw a beautiful picture of an ‘avocado armchair’ but still can’t tell us if the avocado we just bought in the supermarket is going to be a sad disappointment. On the other hand, AI is really good at spying on us and if we apply AI surveillance now to our road network it’ll save 1000s of lives. The tech required is here already, and it’s fairly cheap. How do we collectively weigh up the pros and cons of lives saved against a perceived loss of privacy?

Adam is a director at Intranel Consulting. He helps clients to improve productivity through AI so that he can afford to buy more avocados.


“When Spooning Led to Forking: The Evolution of Eating Utensils”
by Nicole O’Hearne

Ever wondered why the fork looks like it does? Why Europeans always have a utensil in each hand while eating, but Americans like to just use a fork? Why a lot of Asian countries use chopsticks, but the Thai use a fork and spoon? 

In honour of our 1 year anniversary, Nicole is back to explain all this and more! An engineer turned winemaking student by day and a table-setting aficionado by night, her upbringing with etiquette and table-setting classes makes her uniquely qualified to speak on this topic.


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