Nerd Nite Christchurch is BACK for 2023.

We’re hosting events on the first Wednesday of EVERY MONTH
starting 1 February at Little Andromeda.

1 Feb Speakers:

“Monsters 101”
by Erin Harrington

A whirlwind tour through the world of monsters and the monstrous. Raaar! Content note: will contain vampires, David Cronenberg, and muppets.

Erin is a monster kid from way back who now spends her days spreading the good word on horror film in her job as a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury. She is the author of the book “Women, Monstrosity and Horror Film: Gynaehorror,” is currently writing a book on the “What We Do in the Shadows” universe, and is a regular host and panelist on the comedy podcast The Nerd Degree.


“Wooden bullet trains up and down NZ”
by Rollo Wenlock

Did you know engineers and architects are now putting steel aside and using wood to build skyscrapers? How would this work in fast trains?

Rollo is CEO of Miro Rail, a company designing and building the future of mobility (mainly on rails).


“Marscrete: Building on Mars”
by Allan Scott

We often talk about the possibility of one day moving to Mars. But, how would we actually build the necessary shelter and infrastructure there?

Allan is an Associate Professor of Engineering at University of Canterbury and an expert on concrete structures.