We’re hosting our fun, nerdy nights on the first Wednesday of EVERY MONTH
next event is 1 March at Little Andromeda.

1 March Speakers:

“Sex and pleasure with my cornflakes, please?”
by Tracy Clelland

Many adults talk to their children about the risk of sex, but where does that leave masturbation and mutual pleasure? How does learning about ‘pleasure’ help us as adults? This a historical (and hopefully funny) look at what cornflakes and young people tell us about how to ‘do’ sexuality education. Be prepared for an interactive talk where you may have to talk to the person next to you — just like in a relationship.

Tracy is a sexuality educator, researcher, mother, adventurer, and fundamentally an advocate for people’s right to sexual and reproductive health. When she is not off backpacking in Africa, she is an adjunct lecturer at the University of Canterbury.


“How far will people go to protect their reputations?”
by Andy Vonasch

Andy will discuss the science of human reputation protection, from various perspectives including evolutionary psychology, social psychology, and personality psychology. He will talk about studies where people suffered physical pain or put their hand in a bucket of worms just to avoid damaging their reputation.

Andy is a psychological scientist and senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury and the author of several scientific journal articles on the psychological processes enabling reputation protection.


“Lessons learnt from taking students into the jungle”
by Sophie Horsfall

With a background in marine science, Sophie’s interest in jellyfish ended up leading to a stint in Southeast Asia taking international school groups hiking in jungles, exploring coral reefs, and generally taking science outdoors. Her talk will take you through the ins and outs of running an educational school trip, all the things that could possibly go wrong, and the lessons she’s learnt that are still relevant today.

With too many interests and only one body, Sophie is never quite sure where she comes from or where she is going. Having lived and worked in several countries and jobs during her short life, including a stint as a field biologist in Southeast Asia and a mountain guide in Canada, Sophie now finds herself in her 8th country working in disaster risk and resilience as a research consultant.