Join us for our 10th fun, nerdy Nite on 3 May at Little Andromeda.

3 May Speakers:

“Thinking by Inversion: The Power of Turning Things Upside Down”
by Cam Irvine

Thinking by inversion is a way of looking at problems backward and forwards that give a different perspective. Simply put, we as people can make better decisions if we strive to avoid stupidity instead of trying to be brilliant.

Cam Irvine, CIMA®, CRPC®, CFP®, BSBA is a Lifestyle Financial Planner who provides people with financial advice and helps them learn about money. Thinking by inversion is useful when planning for a person’s future because it can provide hindsight, before the fact. He is also American and just can’t stop talking.


Eggs: Uniting the World Through a Teenage Digital Revolution
by Kane Stewart

Kane will go into how to build a cult following of nerdy teenagers and touch on the implications of social media, AI, and fostering real human interaction. He’ll discuss how the Egg Academy is building a community to connect the world with creativity.

Kane is the Founder of the Egg Academy, a digital skills academy for teens. He previously worked as a high school maths/economics teacher in Christchurch and at the video game company Cerebral Fix. On occasion, you may see him as an Egg.


“Throwaway living! Systemic Issues, Inconvenience, and Litterbugs”
by Hugh Benson

In the 1950’s the world changed. Plastics came on the scene and in a short time, everything was available in a disposable form. Yet, along with the convenience of plastics, came a Grinch to spoil everyone’s fun. One who disallowed the clean disposal of this most modern refuse… the Litterbug. Come along for a journey that spans seven decades as he dives into the worst offense of the playground, and the only primary school lesson which carried through to adulthood: “Don’t be a Litterbug.”

Hugh Benson is a PhD student in Environmental Psychology at the University of Canterbury. When procrastinating from study he forages and makes delicious things out of said forage. When there is no forage, he sits quietly in a dark room and somehow visibly hates plastic. This writer is unsure how he does this visually, perhaps a peeved expression? mayhaps a maleficent aura? His hatred of plastics arose when they murdered his parents in the back alley of a theatre. You caught me, that was a lie. Plastic actually destroyed his home planet of Krypton, a fate he wishes to avoid for our shared home… Earth.