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7 June Speakers

Fewer Orgies, Waaaay More Talking: Common Myths about Polyamory, Debunked
by Janel Atlas

Are polyamorous people naturally less jealous? Isn’t ethical non-monogamy just an excuse to cheat? Or at least a sign of lack of commitment? Polyamory may have gone more mainstream over the past decade, but there are still heaps of myths and misconceptions circulating. Janel will help sort truth from fiction and offer insights that can support your happiness regardless of whether you’re monogamous, polyamorous, poly-curious, or unpartnered. 

Janel Atlas, PhD, is a recovering know-it-all, writer, and relationship nerd. She has identified as polyamorous since 2017 and currently works as a mindfulness facilitator in schools as well as a relationship coach supporting individuals, couples, and polycules to love better, communicate more healthfully, and design their connections instead of unquestioningly going along with the status quo. Janel never feels more on point than when she’s supporting people to live authentically and with kindness.


Finding your way in the world
by Riki Cambridge

An exploration of what makes a great map, and some examples from throughout history.

Surveyor by day, orienteer, and self-confessed map nerd by night. Riki’s fascination with maps has taken him across the globe and transpired into a full-time career.


“Could You Be Batman”
by Rodrigo Martinez Gazoni